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From proposal to profit

How I optimize Ignition for successful sales

Welcome to this special video issue of JWellsTax! From productivity to pricing, I empower tax professionals by helping them build thriving firms. Thank you to the 634 of you who have subscribed, especially those 18 who have a paid subscription!

A business won’t last long if it can’t effectively sell its offerings and collect payments from customers. That’s why, when I founded my firm, the first decision I made was to use the best sales platform I could. At the time (late 2019), that was Practice Ignition.

Now, more than four years later, Ignition continues to be the best in class and one of the three software options I recommend for small tax and accounting firms.

Click here if you’re interested in seeing if Ignition can work for your firm. (Affiliate link)

In this video, I show a few ways I optimize the buyer’s experience in my Ignition proposals. My goal is always to make signing up as a new customer as easy a decision and frictionless a process as possible. Ignition continues to evolve its product and functionality toward that end.

But don’t just take it from me! My friend and colleague Josh Youngblood published a great review of Ignition on his Substack.

If you’re a current Ignition customer, let me know how you use Ignition! What are your favorite features?

Also, let me know what you’re struggling with in Ignition. What feature is missing? What new feature or change could make using it easier for you?

Thanks again for reading!

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