Jeremy Wells, PhD, EA, CPA, is the founder and principal advisor at JWellsCFO, where he has specialized in tax planning and business strategy for small businesses since 2018. Before becoming an accountant, he spent a decade teaching as a college instructor. Jeremy shares his expertise through his Substack, JWellsTax; serves on the editorial board of the EA Journal; and sits on the board of the Florida Chapter of the National Association of Tax Professionals. As an Enrolled Agent and Certified Public Accountant, he blends rigorous analysis with classroom-tested clarity, making him a sought-after educator in the industry.


Accepting and Pricing Tax Work (1/2) A discussion of rules regarding advertising, competence, conflicts of interest, and fees for tax professionals. The extended version includes an overview of pricing and billing models available to tax professionals, including cost-plus pricing, value pricing, and subscription.

Issues with S Corporation Basis (2) An introduction to calculating and applying S corporation stock basis and its impact on shareholders, including effects on distributions and losses. Covers accurately completing Form 7203, S Corporation Shareholder Stock and Debt Basis Limitations, and strategies for dealing with incomplete or missing S corporation stock basis records.

Business Record-Keeping for Tax Professionals (1/2) An overview of business record-keeping requirements to ensure accurate tax return reporting and proper substantiation of income and expenses. The extended version includes a discussion of opportunities for tax professionals to provide additional chargeable services besides bookkeeping to help business owners maintain accurate books and records.

Corporate Transparency Act (1/2) A discussion of the legislative background and purpose of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), how beneficial ownership information (BOI) reporting fulfills that purpose, and how tax professionals can help business owners comply with the reporting requirements. The extended version includes case studies that push the bounds of a plain reading of the statute.

Effective Tax Research Techniques (2) An overview of authoritative and helpful non-authoritative sources of tax research that enable the practitioner to justify and defend tax positions if challenged by the IRS. Includes a discussion of no-cost and paid resources; a review of tax authority; and how to read, interpret, and cite authority.

Fringe Benefits and Accountable Plans (2) An overview of the tax treatment of fringe benefits, with an emphasis on business owners. Covers common fringe benefits, especially health insurance and health expense reimbursement, and how to establish and maintain a proper tax-free accountable reimbursement plan for employees and owners.

Generative AI for Tax Professionals (1/2) An introduction to popular generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) models—especially ChatGPT—and how tax professionals can use them to improve their personal and professional lives. The extended version includes in-class, guided usage of the free version of ChatGPT.

Information Security for Modern Tax Firms (2) An overview of information security standards and protocols for tax firms. Includes a breakdown of the FTC Safeguards and mandatory WISP components, along with a discussion of best practices for password management, digital file storage, and sharing information with taxpayers and third parties.

Pass-through Entity Taxes (PTETs) (1/2) A deep dive into the workings of pass-through entity taxes (PTETs), discussing their implications at both federal and state levels, and the key considerations for opting into this tax framework. The expanded version includes a comparative analysis of the pass-through entity tax systems of several states' PTETs to illustrate the nuances of these systems.

Tax Rules for Business Vehicles (2) An overview of the tax treatment of placing a vehicle into service in a business, including first-year depreciation, credits for clean vehicles, mixed personal and business use, the standard mileage rate, and disposition.

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